By Land, Sea, or Air US-2The world's best short takeoff and landing (STOL) amphibian US-2 will come to the rescue at sea and remote islands.

Amphibian Aircraft with a Proven Track Record

An “amphibian aircraft” is one that can land on either land or water. US-2 is operated as STOL Search and Rescue Amphibian by JMSDF of Japan's Ministry of Defense. Including its predecessor US-1, our STOL amphibians have been dispatched over 1,000 times to rescue victims of maritime accidents.



Technological features / equipment

In addition to better cruising performance, the US-2 features numerous improvements over its predecessor US-1 for safe operations even during inclement weather.

1. Electronic integrated instrument panel

Digitalized meters are integrated into one LCD panel

2. Pressurized cabin

For high-altitude flights above low-pressure areas to ease stress on patients

3. "Fly-by-wire (FBW)" control system

Computer-controlled flight system enhances safety and flight controllability

4. High-powered engines / propellers using the latest designs

5. Outstanding seaworthiness

6. Takeoff / landing on water at extremely low speeds

Amphibians' Advantages over Other Forms of Transport

Unrivaled water surface takeoff and landing capability

Land on water with waves 1/3 of its own height.

Land on rough seas with wave height of 3m. Saving lives under harsh conditions!

Experiment with the PX-S
[Play Time: 1minutes 15seconds]

Excellent Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities

Excellent Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities enable the US-2 to take off and land in much shorter distances - both on land and on water.

The US-2 requires only one-fourth of the distance that commercial airliners require for takeoff and landing. An additional advantage is that, as an amphibian aircraft, the US-2 does not require runway construction.

Farther - Faster - Wider Ranging

The improvements to the engines and the introduction of a pressurized cabin increased speed and extended operational range over the previous US-1A model. These improvements make possible rescue capability for an even wider operational area.

Operational Range Comparison / Cruising Speed Comparison / Comparison of Accessible Distant Islands
  • Number of islands covered by the 2009 Outlying Island Development Measures
  • Number of islands covered by the Outlying Island Development Measures that have a civilian runway of 1,500m or more.