JSA Series Self-priming AeratorJSA Series Self-priming Aerator

JSA Series


Self-Aspirating Type Submersible Aerator, JSA-series

The specially designed star-shaped closed impeller generates negative pressure in water and aspirates air from above the water surface through an air-pipe. Water is sucked from the large inflow port on top of the impeller casing and mixed with air. This structure prevents troubles that the inflow port is clogged up with sediments on bottom of a tank.

Outstanding features

Long service life

The top and bottom faces inside the casing are lined with Stainless Steel plates. It improves abrasion resistance and controls a reduction in air flow performance due to aging degradation.

Time-proven reliability

The drive motor is of air-filled submersible type, which has been highly rated for submersible pumps for many years. There is no water leak risk.

Lightweight and compact

The compact unit is light in weight too. You can easily sink and lift the unit into and out of a chamber.

Ready to set up

To get the unit up and running, just connect the air intake pipe to the body and place the unit in the chamber.

Easy-to-maintain design

Oil can be changed and the motor may be inspected while the unit is in its upright position. In short, the product is configured for easy servicing.