Sano (Tochigi, Japan)

Producing a wide range of special-purpose trucks at one of the largest factories in the industry

Sano (Tochigi, Japan)

The Sano Plant is conveniently located in southwest Tochigi Prefecture, about 50 minutes outside of Tokyo by expressway. One of the largest factories for specialty vehicles in the world, the Sano Plant handles the production of a wide range of special-purpose trucks for not only the Japanese market but for regions throughout the world.


2 Sakae-cho, Sano, Tochigi 327-0816, Japan
June 1970
233,000 square meters
No. of employees
Major products
Large dump trucks, concrete mixers, detachable container system series and others
ISO certification
9001, 14001


Production facilities
Production facilities
In addition to having some of the largest production equipment in the industry for laser work and electrodeposition devices, the Sano Plant is equipped with a production line for assembly.
Technical Center
The Technical Center not only develops new products incorporating the latest technology, but designs customized products.
Production facilities
Test Course
The Sano Plant has a circular drive course to evaluated vehicle drive performance. The curved 300-meter course has dips and bumps to check their effect on the body of ShinMaywa trucks and to ensure they will perform reliably.
Production facilities
Portable shrine
ShinMaywa employees have hand constructed a portable shrine for use in local festivals.