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Dump Trucks

Dump Truck

From dirt, sand or rock, to food product materials and waste, ShinMaywa has you covered. Since we rolled out Dump Truck No. 1 in 1949, we have been providing customers with trucks for loading, conveyance and delivery.

Refuse Compactors (Garbage Compactor Trucks)

Refuse Compactor (Garbage Compactor Trucks)

ShinMaywa's G-PX is a lineup of garbage compactor trucks for the safe and efficient collection of waste.

Detachable Container System Series

Detachable Container System

By using the automatic container loading and unloading features, the efficiency of loading, collection and transportation of waste can be hugely improved.

Tail Lifts “Tail Gate Lifter”

Tail Lifts "Tail Gate Lifter” series

The Tail Lifts “Tail Gate Lifter” saves manual labor and increases the efficiency of loading and unloading. ShinMaywa's compact design provides high functionality and durability both for when lifting cargos and for when stored or retracted for travel.

Sewerage Cleaning Truck Series

Sewerage Truck

The Jet Cleaner is used to apply high-pressure water to sewer lines, and then the Clean Cuum collects the waste with a high-performance vacuum.

Other Trucks and Accessories