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Tail Lifts “Tail Gate Lifter”

Tail Lifts “Tail Gate Lifter”

Energy Savings for Loading and Unloading

Tail Lifts "Tail Gate Lifter” series

The Tail Lifts "Tail Gate Lifter” series saves manual labor and increases the efficiency of loading and unloading. ShinMaywa's compact design provides high functionality and durability both for when lifting cargos and for when stored or retracted for travel. Check out the wide range of products we offer for various needs.

Multi Gate — Standard Model

Standard type

The Multi Gate comes standard with a mechanism for automatically tilting the gate when it touches the ground for smooth loading and unloading. The tilt angle can also be adjusted manually. And with special low noise design and components, operation is possible late at night and in the early morning hours.

Power Gate A — Angled-Arm Model

Power Gate A — Angled-Arm Model

The Power Gate A is available with a range of lifting capacities, and provides efficient general purpose work for handling a variety of cargo.

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