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Refuse Compactors (Garbage Compactor Trucks)

Refuse Compactors (Garbage Compactor Trucks)

Waste Compaction for Efficient Waste Transport

Refuse Compactor (Garbage Compactor Trucks)

ShinMaywa's G-PX is a lineup of garbage compactor trucks for the safe and efficient collection of waste. The advanced level of features for loading, compacting and transportation are sure to meet your needs. Making the collection process easy and efficient has made G-PX models popular the world over.


Town Pack

Our lineup of garbage compactor trucks with a range of loading capacities.

Model GT042 GT053 GT063 GT073 GT084 GT105 GT127 GT200
Body capacity (m3) 4.3 5.4 6.8 7.4 8.6 10.2 12.2 20.0
Hopper capacity (m3) 0.6 0.7 1.0 2.2
Plate thickness (mm) Body Roof*1 2.1 2.3
Side*2 2.7
Floor*1 2.7 3.2
Ejection plate*1 2.1
Hopper Bottom*3 6.0 8.0
Side (upper) *3 2.1 2.3
Side (lower) *3 4.5
Press plate*3 4.5
Loading time [one cycle] (sec) 10-11 13 26-28
Gate width (mm) 1,430 1,680 1,700 2,000
Sewage Scatter Prevention Rubber Equipped
Hopper Alarm (rising/descending) Equipped
Discharge time (sec) 17 18 55
Sewage Tank (L) 80 95 125 140
Anti-rust paint Electro-Deposition paint Anti-rust paint
Emergency Stop Button Hopper Both Sides

The above mentioned figures are approximate.

  • Optional equipments are included in these photographs
  • Specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
  1. ※1Material : Anti-corrosion Steel
  2. ※2Material : Anti-corrosion Steel or High-tensile Steel
  3. ※3Material : High-tensile Steel

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