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Development of turbo blower remote monitoring service "KNOWTILUS" utilizing IoT and AI

- Supports stable operation of turbo blowers and realizes labor savings -

July 29, 2019

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and CEO Isogawa Tatsuyuki) has developed a remote monitoring service for TurboMAX, a turbo blower used for aeration purposes in sewage treatment and factory wastewater treatment. Sales will start from the 1st.

In recent years, a variety of initiatives have been implemented in many industries and sectors, including addressing labor shortages due to the declining birthrate and aging population and improving working environmental. The same is true for wastewater treatment facilities and sewage treatment plants at production plants, where addressing the labor shortage in operation management and maintenance, as well as improving operational efficiency and saving labor, are urgent issues.

The newly developed remote monitoring service exclusively for turbo blowers is the first in Japan to incorporate AI into the remote monitoring service for turbo blowers, and is a mechanism that will help eliminate the pending labor shortage in equipment management operations and achieve stable operation through preventive maintenance. is.

By using this service, you can check the operating status and settings of your turbo blower via the Internet, making it possible to understand the situation even in remote locations away from the site. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs with the turbo blower, the details of the error and how to deal with it will be notified to the pre-registered email address, helping to reduce equipment downtime due to equipment shutdown. Additionally, analysis of operating data using AI contributes to preventive maintenance and avoidance of unexpected troubles.

In this development, we outsourced the software development to SoftBank Corp. and built it on a platform that utilizes Microsoft Azure's IoT services. Being based on Microsoft Azure and encrypting communication using SSL makes it possible to provide highly secure services.

Our company aims to contribute to society through our products and services. In addition to turbo blowers and remote monitoring services, we also provide water treatment equipment submersible pump and high-efficiency mixers that combine high efficiency and high throughput. In order to support the cycle, we are also focusing on developing new services that actively incorporate IoT and AI. We will continue to contribute to society by further improving the sophistication of various water treatment equipment.

This service will be exhibited at the "Sewerage Exhibition '19 Yokohama" to be held at Pacifico Yokohama from August 6th to 9th.

  • * "KNOWTILUS" is a registered trademark of ShinMaywa Industries. It is a coined word of KNOW (understand) + NAUTILUS (nautilus = long life).
  • * "TurboMAX" is a trademark or registered trademark of TURBOMAX Co., Ltd.

1. Features

① Remote monitoring of turbo blowers using IoT

The screen displayed on the turbo blower can also be displayed on a computer or smartphone. Supports stable operation of turbo blowers by "visualizing" operating data, such as viewing past operating conditions on trend graphs.

② Email notification when an error occurs

When a warning or error occurs, pre-registered parties will be notified by email. By email, you can receive detailed information about the error and the initial response, which helps shorten turbo blower downtime through early detection of abnormalities.

③ Equipped with automatic report creation function for daily, weekly, and monthly reports

Equipped with a form output function that records the operating status of the turbo blower. You can easily create a form by simply selecting a date.

④ Trend graph that can be easily operated intuitively

In the trend graph, you can select the time axis and easily zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. Additionally, the error location is displayed at the top of the trend graph, allowing you to quickly track down the cause of the error.

⑤ Automatic detection of dead lines prevents loss of operational data

Automatically detects whether the line is dead or alive due to communication failure or poor communication to prevent data loss.

⑥ Thorough BCP and security measures

If the line is cut off during a disaster, the turbo blower operating data will be saved on the IoT terminal, and once the line is restored, the data will be sent to the cloud.

⑦ Providing preventive maintenance that combines IoT, AI, and machine learning

We support stable operation of turbo blowers with AI and machine learning using data on the cloud.

⑧ Others

  • Communication method
    1. 1 Turbo blower - IoT terminal ・・・Modbus communication
    2. 2 IoT terminal - Cloud...Mobile phone network (3G/4G line)
  • Security

    Encryption of communications using SSL, measures against intrusion into IoT terminals, measures against login on web screens

  • Compatible models

    Compatible with all our turbo blowers (retrofitting possible)

2. Main sales destination

Sewage/wastewater treatment plant, production equipment

3. Sales/service start date

September 1, 2019

You can watch the promotional video here.

Turbo blower remote monitoring service "KNOWTILUS" [Playing time: 3 minutes 59 seconds]

You can check SoftBank Corp.'s press release here.

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