Model TR201C Terminating Machine

Consideration for environment

Energy saving

Downsizing of motors and other parts are realized thanks to weight saving optimization design of the driving component. Power consumption has been reduced by 40%. (Compared with our previous model)

Reduced air consumption

Required amount of air is reduced by 35% (compared with our previous model), down to 60NL/min.

Low noise with quiet crimper equipped

Timing-belt drive is adopted for the internal mechanism, equipped with a quiet crimper ( 70dB or less) with low machine noise. There are few consumable parts, which reduces maintenance cost as well.

Weight saving

The base machine masses are significantly reduced (compared with our previous model): to 420kg.
They can be smoothly accommodated to layout change of the factory.

Suitable also with lead-free tinning
(TR201CS[Tin to Crimp], TR201CSS [Tin to Tin])

They are suitable with lead-free type tinning. The tin dissolver has been made highly corrosion resistant, and allows temperature setting up to 400°C.