Product Information

Refuse Transfer Station System

The principal behind a refuse transfer station is to provide a central collection point for municipal refuse which are efficiently loaded onto large specialized refuse transfer containers for delivery to disposal facility such as landfill waste to energy plant. And also the transfer station contribute to maximize the operation efficiency of the refuse collection vehicles. Consequently, frequency of transportation to and from the disposal facility is much reduced, which offering an effective solution to the present-day energy issues and environmental protection.

Waste Transfer Station at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


Waste Transfer Station at Jakarta, Indonesia

Waste Transfer Station at Nong Khaem, Bangkok, Thailand 


Waste Transfer Station at Sai Mai, Bangkok, Thailand 


Waste Transfer Station at Xupu Shanghai, China

Waste Transfer Station at Wenzaobang Shanghai, China

Waste Transfer Station at Xian, China

Refuse storage and handling equipment

For those seeking an effective and sanitary way to handle refuse while keeping it out of sight, we offer the Dust Drum and Dust Screw equipment. These environmental facilitates efficiently solve common refuse handling issues that present a challenge to business and commercial facilities as well as residential apartments. By designing optimal system, we can effectively solve the refuse storage and disposal issues efficiently while accommodating each specific user’s need.

"DUST SCREW" Refuse storage and handling equipment installed in Centralplaza Grand Rama 9, Bangkok, Thailand


"DUST DRUM" Refuse Storage and handling equipment installed in The EmQuartier, Bangkok, Thailand


Other equipment and facility

Concrete waste recycling sytem

Aging infrastructure, decreasing availability of landfill space and environmental concerns work together to increase concrete recycling in the world. Especially much of the buildings, roads and bridges built during the middle twentieth century are in need of repair or replacement. ShinMaywa concrete waste recycling system ensures high quality and consistency of recycled aggregates with our carefully designed equipment and our long years of experience in this field.

On-nut Waste Recycling Plant, Bangkok, Thailand