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Order Received for Mechanical Car Parking System from Public Institution in Thailand

June 11, 2021

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo; President & CEO: Tatsuyuki Isogawa) has received an order for its elevator type car parking system "ELEPARK", in Bangkok, Thailand. The system will be installed in a new facility to be constructed by the Council of Engineers Thailand ("COET")*, a public institution in Thailand, under the project name of "Council of Engineers Project."

  • * COET is a public institution established under the Engineer Act in Thailand for the purpose of registering professional engineers and administering a professional engineer certification system.
Conceptual drawing of the “Council of Engineers Project”

Four companies originally were competing for the contract to build a mechanical car parking system to store 68 vehicles, with strict requirements in terms of height restrictions and a narrow site area. Our final technical proposal was chosen by our technical capabilities and quality, a proposal that was built from the customer's perspective, and past achievements of General Automatic Cars Parking System Co., Ltd. ("G-PARK"), the local distributor of ShinMaywa and joint proposer that will conduct installation work and provide after-sales service. Construction is expected to be completed in March 2022.

The car parking system adopted for this project consists of two tandem type parking units (four towers "ELEPARK") storing different vehicle numbers and arranged efficiently on the narrow site. Meeting height restrictions, and with finely designed parking pallet pitches to store high vehicle height as much as possible, the system met COET's requirements. Other highly praised factors that led to this order include "ELEPARK"'s safety and reliability, user-oriented features, and the planning and smoothness of vehicle flows into and out of the car parking system.

Recognition of ShinMaywa and G-PARK's solutions and technical capabilities, product strengths and achievements in Japan, by public engineering institutions in Thailand like COET, will play an important role in the future expansion of the mechanical car parking system business by the two companies in Thailand. To meet completion in March 2022, we will work together with collective wisdom to deliver mechanical car parking system to meet the expectations of COET.

In March this year, another order for two towers "ELEPARK" was received from Japanese hotel chain developing a hotel project in Bangkok. Planned as a car parking system for visitors and hotel guests, construction is expected to be completed in April 2023. The proposed system offered for this project was a middle entry type to comply with building height restrictions and store 52 vehicles. Specifications for the project fully utilize the storage capabilities of tandem type "ELEPARK".

ShinMaywa is the leading supplier of large mechanical car parking systems in Japan, including elevator type mechanical car parking system. It is currently expanding business operations in Thailand, which it recently positioned as a strategic overseas region. In addition of these two orders, there are four projects with nine towers "ELEPARK" under way in Thailand as of the end of May this year. Going forward, we will continue to take advantage of its achievements to further raise awareness of its products in the market. It will focus on expanding order volumes of mechanical car parking systems and building and developing car parking infrastructure in Thailand.

【Overview of Order Received】
Name of project Council of Engineers Project
Product Elevator Type Car Parking System "ELEPARK" 4 towers​
  1. 1 Stand Alone Tower / Bottom Entry
    Self-Driving Tandem Installation Type (EW Model) 2 units
  2. 2 Stored capacity : Middle height Vehicle total 68 cars (40 + 28)
  3. 3 Distinctive specifications
    • Flat type Road Pallet
    • Automatic Elevator Evacuation System for Pit Flooding
Exterior walls Steel plates and glass curtain walls
Order received April 2021
Planned completion March 2022
Name of project Bangkok S Hotel Project(tentative name)
Product Elevator Type Car Parking System "ELEPARK" 2 towers​
  1. 1 Build-In Tower / Middle Entry
    Self-Driving Tandem Installation Type (EMW Model) 1 unit
  2. 2 Stored capacity : Total 52 cars (Sedan 48 + SUV 4 )
  3. 3 Distinctive specifications
    • Automatic Elevator Evacuation System for Pit Flooding
Order received March 2021
Planned completion April 2023

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