Tower-type Parking System

Elevator-type parking system "ELEPARK"


Advanced tower-type parking with higher safety and reliability and maximizing limited space

ShinMaywa's "ELEPARK" has the top-class delivery track record in the Japanese elevator-type parking system market. We respond to a variety of customer needs by offering a broad lineup and abroad range of optional specifications, as well as solution proposals based on our many years of experience.

  1. 1Basic functions and quality that provide users with high levels of safety and reliability
  2. 2Variations that can accommodate various arrangements, as well as boarding and turning methods, as well as flexible responses to garages with different car heights
  3. 3Reliable design resistant to earthquakes and floods
  4. 4Environmentally friendly energy-saving design
  5. 5Wide range of optional specifications
    • Spatial design with high design
    • Charging function for electric vehicles
    • User-friendly barrier-free response
    • Random entry system that reduces latency
    • Low-noise specifications for residential environments
  6. 6Super high-rise model exceeding 100m in height (only for steel tower type in the building)
    • Unique low-rigidity steel structure and special contact support
    • Extending the life of sheaves by using special materials
    • High-speed operation with ascent and descent speed of 120m/min