Our Business

Our SMART solution for EVERY CUSTOMER involved in cars parking

ShinMaywa's strength

  • Capability to respond precisely to individual needs by listening to customer voices
  • Consulting capabilities derived from analysis and response capabilities based on extensive experience developed over more than half a century
  • Comprehensive capabilities from planning, consulting, design, manufacturing, and installation, to after-sales service
  • Outstanding design and development capabilities and production technology capabilities, as well as product capabilities that are safe and highly reliable through thorough quality control
Parking Solution

ShinMaywa style

We believe that superior planning and consulting are indispensable as well as providing high-quality parking facilities for the realization of safe, easy-to-use and efficient parking.

1. Accurate planning

In addition to satisfying the required number of parking vehicles, we propose an optimum layout from the user's point of view, including considering passenger and vehicle conductor plans as well as vehicle turning trajectories, and considering the ease of entry and exit for parking facilities.

2. Technical consulting

  1. 1Smooth enter and exit simulation

    In addition to simply calculating the waiting time for a parking system, we also conduct simulations on the processing capacity of that parking system to evaluate the practicality for the applications and reflect them in the planning.

  2. 2Unique queue computation system

    In consideration of the number and layout of parking facilities, we conduct simulations that allow waiting, and propose an optimum entry/exit system.

  3. 3Noise and vibration simulation

    We propose measures to reduce the impact on buildings in advance by predicting the noise and vibration generated by parking facilities in advance.

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