Maintenance Services

Supporting safe and stable operation of parking systems with expertise and high technical capabilities and extensive experience

Need for maintenance

In order for us to maintain our health over a long period of time, inspections and maintenance by service personnel with high expertise in maintenance technology equivalent to doctors are indispensable for mechanical parking facilities, which are precision machinery, as well. In addition, in the event of an emergency, such as the occurrence of a failure, prompt and accurate measures are required according to the cause.

Highly systematized maintenance work using maintenance technology unique to equipment manufacturers

Maintenance of parking facilities in particular requires sophisticated know-how and maintenance techniques that are familiar with their structures and functions. We utilize our experience and achievements as a parking equipment manufacturer that we have accumulated over many years to develop proprietary maintenance technology that emphasizes preventive maintenance system. We provide maintenance services that enable customers to be satisfied by highly systematizing all types of maintenance services, from periodic inspections to emergency repairs or remedial works.