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Brand Video: “Starting to the Future”

We launched our new tagline, "VISION WITH INSIGHT", in April 2021.
The concept of the brand video we created to coincide with the start of this new tagline is “ShinMaywa sees the future, and `moves' it.” Through a visual of young people all starting out together in the same direction, the ShinMaywa Group, which has now passed its centennial and is poised to make a new start, expresses how the entire company is heading towards the future as one, acutely attuned to changes in society and always unafraid of change.
Released in April, 2021

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ShinMaywa “Striving to create new value“

Our mission is to contribute to the overall well-being of humanity, bringing unstinting innovation for a stable society and positive living environment. ShinMaywa Group is developing new technologies that enhance the added value of our existing products and has launched initiatives that create new value, so as to provide society with safer and ever more convenient urban, transportation and environmental infrastructures.
Looking ahead to the future of society.

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Company profile video

In 2020, the ShinMaywa Group celebrated 100 years in business. Our Management philosophy is to contributing to the overall well-being of humanity, bringing unstinting innovation.
Advancing urban, transportation, and environmental infrastructure, ShinMaywa aim to be a true value co-creation company.
Released in November, 2020

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The history of ShinMaywa

Our history video, “Technology - Tradition and Innovation,” shows how our businesses and products have evolved in step with the times to our present form from our foundation, incorporating stories from before we were founded, and how our unwavering passion for technology has never wavered.

*Ideas such as the Corporate Philosophy that appear in this video are those of the time. Refer to “ShinMaywa Group Philosophy” for our current philosophy.

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Non-Clog Scroll Submersible Pump CNWX series

High pass-through capability (Pass-through test)


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Non-Clog Scroll Submersible Pump CNWX series

An actual case in Toyota City


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Automated valet parking for mechanical car parking systems

Using communication systems to link autonomous vehicles with mechanical parking systems and with surrounding infrastructure, we successfully completed verification tests involving autonomous driving in places that cannot be reached by GPS and automatic valet parking using forward and reverse parking technologies.

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PAXWAY attached to the A380!

The A380 is two-storied and has three doors for embarkation and disembarkation.
This video is an image of docking. It may differ from an actual operation.


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Fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle

The defining feature of XU-S is its lithium-ion polymer battery, which produces no waste emissions and enables long flight times without harming the environment. We aim to leverage the characteristics of the XU-S not only for conventional uses such as monitoring, surveillance and communications, but also for use as a form of environmental infrastructure.

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Unrivaled water surface takeoff and landing capability
(PX-S Flight test)

Take off test carried out in rough seas off the coast of the Kii Channel, Wakayama in April 1968 attracted international attention.


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The US-2 makes its debut at the ASEAN Regional Forum

On May 4, 2009, eleven countries and one region, including Japan, ASEAN countries, the United States, and the EU, joined forces in an international field exercise on disaster relief, which assumed a major disaster resulting from a severe typhoon reaching Manila Bay, the Philippines.


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Rescue Operations

As a part of the JMSDF' rescue operations, US-1, US-1A, and US-2 has saved and transported the wounded and urgent patients at sea and remote islands, thereby saving many precious lives.

The actual rescue operation by JMSDF(Film courtesy of Japan's Ministry of Defense)


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Entanglement injury reduction device for refuse compactors “Smart eye motion”

From images taken with a back-eye camera installed on the rear of the compactor, if the AI detects the risk of a worker being entangled, the “Smart eye motion” is activated and automatically stops the loading operation.

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Dump Truck

From dirt, sand or rock, to food product materials and waste, ShinMaywa has you covered. Since we rolled out Dump Truck No. 1 in 1949, we have been providing customers with trucks for loading, conveyance and delivery.


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Refuse Compactor Town Pack

ShinMaywa's Town Pack is a lineup of garbage compactor trucks for the safe and efficient collection of waste. The advanced level of features for loading, compacting and transportation are sure to meet your needs.


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Detachable Container System (ARMROLL)

By using the automatic container loading and unloading features, the efficiency of loading, collection and transportation of waste can be hugely improved. A dump function is also included for unloading.