Office List (contact details of Divisions, Plants and Sales offices)

Konan Plant


When using Hankyu Railway

Get off at Okamoto Station on the Kobe Line.

on foot

about 30 minutes

When using Hanshin Electric Railway

Get off at Oogi Station on the Hanshin Main Line.

on foot

about 10 minutes

When using JR

Get off at Settsu Motoyama Station on the Kobe Line.

on foot

about 20 minutes

Get off at Ashiya Station on the Kobe Line.


about 20 minutes

When using a car

  • Ashiya ramp from the Osaka direction on the Hanshin Expressway Kobe Line
  • Maya ramp from Hanshin Expressway Kobe Line Himeji direction
  • Fukaehama Ramp from the Hanshin Expressway Wangan Line

From the Osaka direction on National Route 43, please take the side road just before the Oogi intersection.

Location / Phone number

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.  Aircraft Division  Konan Plant 1-1-1 Oogi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, 658-0027, Japan
Phone: +81-78-412-9151