Model TR500 Terminating Machine


Optional extras

Model TR500 TRD510
Attachment Extra Extra
Paper coiler Extra Extra
Reel hanger for the end feed Extra Extra
No cut carrier guide Extra Extra
Dial type wire straightener Extra Extra
Signal tower Extra Extra
Special gripper for processing extra-short wire Extra Extra
Long wire stacker Extra Extra
Slope type wire tray Extra Extra※2
Automatic wire changer Extra
Conveyor type wire portioning unit Extra
Crimper with dial counter Extra
Easy detachable base Extra※1
Terminal crimping monitor Extra※1 Standard equipment
Bad wire chopper Extra Standard equipment
Guide nozzle Extra Standard equipment
Spring nozzle Standard equipment Extra
Monitor stand Extra
Terminal overload sensor Extra
Carrier cutter Extra
  •   The terminal crimping monitor and the Easy Detachable Base cannot be used together.
  •   Slope type wire tray contains monitor stand.

Attachments for applicators

Manufacturer For Automatic For Manual
J.S.T.MFG.Co.,Ltd. ※1
Japan Automatic Machine Co.,Ltd.
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry,Ltd.
Molex Inc.
Tyco Electronics AMP K.K.
Hirose Electronic Co.,Ltd.
Nippon Tanshi Co.,Ltd.
  • The end feed is not accepted.
  • The minimum cutting length may extend depending on type of applicator.
  • Please inquire about the attachments which are not listed in the table above.

Model list of wire stacker

Model Maximum cutting length Detachable type Installation type
TR500 2m TRS208
3m TRS308
5m TRS508
TRD510 2m TRS209 TRS207
3m TRS309 TRS307
5m TRS509 TRS507
  • Installation-type wire stacker contains a monitor stand.

Wire receiver type



Slope type wire tray

Slope type wire tray

Long wire stacker

Long wire stacker

Peripheral devices



TRB2500   Bobbin Feeder

TRB2500WS   Bobbin Feeder with Wire Feeding Roller

Wire supplying capability: 2,500 mm/s
With this bobbin feeder, TR500 can process a wire up to 2500mm-long.
  • (when using a P30-size bobbin)
Easy set-up of wire
All you have to do to set-up wire is to wind it around the pulleys.
Large-sized flanges and well-controlled motion prevent the wire in process from coming out from pulleys.
Bundled wire accepted
Bobbin Feeder with Wire Feeding Roller (TRB2500WS) can process a wire feed from both bobbin and a wire bundle.