Model TRD301 Terminating Machine

Feature of series(1)

Comprehensive creative compilation of wire processing technology, and the know-how are all integrated TRD301 series.

Greatly enhanced processing capacity

Crimp to crimp 4,500 pieces / h

(TRD301 to process Crimp to crimp with cutting length of 100 mm)

Single-end seal insertion 3,000 pieces / h

(TRD301WPA to process single-end seal insertion and crimp to crimp with cutting length of 100 mm)

Both-ends seal insertion 2,800 pieces / h

(TRD301WPA to process both-ends seal insertion and crimping with cutting length of 100 mm)

Intermediate stripping 1,450 pieces / h

(TRD301MS to process intermediate stripping and crimp to crimp with cutting length of 100 mm per one intermediate window strip)

The ball screw with the latest in servomotor drive units for ultimate high-accuracy. The already proven design of TR201C for short and small gauge wire processing. Improved design success to the cutter unit and clamp mechanism for compatibility in speed acceleration processing.

PC control implemented

The ShinPro visualization of graphics makes software user friendly, simple to operate and to customize operation screen. Software control is Windows-based user interface that enhances general-purpose properties.

  • Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation,U.S.A.
PC control implemented


Painting was eliminated in locations where wires and terminals are in contact. Terminal guides and wire trays are made of stainless steel.
All structural covers were improved to stainless steel for clean housekeeping.
White color tone feeling surrounds frame structure and crimping presses.