Product Information

Large Scale Complex Vacuum System

Chamber arrangement and system layout are all up to the customer's preference.
Large chamber having maximum 3,000mm square in size by combining transportation robot in vacuum, gate valve, peripheral equipment, etc. can configure the tailor made system. The system is used at optics, semiconductor, LCD and other high-tech film deposition.

6 Chambers Cross Line Twin Coater (Exhibition model)

6 Chambers Cross Line Twin Coater (Exhibition model)

Typical Proposal for Multi-chambers System

Large Scale complex vacuum system "Multi-chambers System" is introduced.

Example 1:
6 Chambers Cross Line Twin Coater

Large substrate domes (eachφ1,600mm) is processed at two evaporation chambers separately in parallel. This is full automatic system.

Example 2:
Inline Sputtering and Plasma Polymerization with 5 Chambers

Vertical inline high speed sputtering system combined with carriers conveyer.

Example 3:
3 Chambers Inline SPD Ion Coater

Specially designed transportation tool provides wide space in vacuum chamber. SPD (Ion plating) can also be installed in it.