Terms of Use for ShinMaywa Submersible Mixer Selector

Article 1 : Application of Terms of Use

  1. These Terms of Use shall, with respect to the utilization by the general user (hereinafter, ‘the user’) of the simple model selection system relating to submersible mixers (hereinafter, ‘the system’) on the website of ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter, ‘the Company’), apply to all actions performed by the user; and the user shall make use of the system only after agreeing to these terms.
  2. Should there exist notes, remarks or cautions (hereinafter, ‘notes’) presented by the Company when the user makes use of the system, each of those notes shall constitute a part of these terms.
  3. The Company shall deem that, by using the system the user has agreed to these terms.

Article 2 : Service content

  1. The Company shall provide a site whereby the user can make a simple model selection of the Company’s products via the Internet. The Company shall grant the user access to the site provided by the Company.
  2. By registering information such as an email address, the user will be able to receive from the Company a selection sheet.

Article 3 : User registration, management and use of registered information

  1. When using the service described in paragraph 1 of Article 2, the user may perform a simple model selection without the registration of personal information.
  2. The personal information registered in the system as per paragraph 2 of Article 2 shall be managed strictly in accordance with the Company’s policy on the protection of personal information.

Article 4 : Use of the selection sheet

  1. The selection sheet provided by the Company shall be used for such purposes as considering the incorporation of a submersible mixer into a building or facility being planned by the user.
  2. The user may, in accordance with the provisions of these terms, use the selection sheet after storing it on the user’s own electronic terminal or other device.
  3. When using the selection sheet, the user shall handle it at his/her own discretion and responsibility.
  4. The user shall not offer the selection sheet for use by any third party.

Article 5 : Copyright, etc.

Consent to use of the selection sheet through its storage does not grant the user copyright or any other right with regard to the selection sheet. (Excluding the right to use the selection sheet in accordance with these terms of use.)

Article 6 : Prohibited acts

  1. When using the selection sheet, the user shall not undertake any of the following actions.
    1. Use of the selection sheet for other than its intended use.
    2. Transfer or loan of the selection sheet to a third party.
    3. Any action other than those described above that violates or may violate the rights of the Company or of a third party.
  2. With respect to a user who has undertaken any of the actions noted in the preceding paragraph, the Company shall be able to take any measures necessary, including withdrawal of the selection sheet.
  3. With respect to any actions not included in paragraph 1 above that the Company deems inappropriate for implementation of the service of providing the selection sheet, the Company reserves the right to take any measures necessary, including having the user cease the said action.

Article 7 : Exemption from liability

  1. The Company makes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the selection results or regarding the quality, performance etc., of the selection sheet. Furthermore, the Company is under no obligation to take the initiative in making good any flaws contained in the selection sheet, and takes no responsibility whatsoever for said flaws.
  2. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damage (direct or indirect) occurring as a result of the storage of the selection sheet on the user’s own electronic terminal or its subsequent use. Furthermore, the Company accepts no responsibility for any trouble incurred by the user in connection with use of the selection sheet.
  3. In addition to the preceding paragraph, the Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever with respect to any and all disputes arising with reference to the selection sheet.

Article 8 : Period of validity

  1. These Terms of Use shall remain in effect with respect to the user in question from the time the user agrees to the terms of use until the time the selection sheet is completely deleted by the user from the user’s electronic terminal.
  2. Should the user terminate use of the selection sheet, the user shall completely delete the stored selection sheet.

Article 9 : Changes to the Terms of Use

    Should the Company deem it necessary, the Company may at any time without notification to the user revise the contents of these Terms of Use, including the content of the service and provisions concerning use. When making use of the service the user should refer to the latest terms of use posted on the system.