Product Information

Enjoy your flight with PAXWAY!


PAXWAY is capable of meeting a variety
of demands through customization

It is capable of docking with a variety of aircraft for all kinds of purposes, regardless of their size.
Available in four main types, enabling the selection of a type that is optimized to the airport layout.

Fully Flat Model


Offers greater safety and comfort.
This is a fully flat model with no steps on the floor inside.

A universal design was deployed to realize a fully flat floor in pursuit of greater safety and comfort for passengers. This ensures smooth boarding and disembarking for ordinary passengers, as well as wheeled carrying cases and people in wheelchairs. It is available as a glass tunnel model or a steel plated tunnel model.

A380-Compatible Model


ShinMaywa was the first in the world
to develop a boarding bridge
for the super large aircraft A380.

Unique preset running technology and an anti-collision function have realized safe docking of the bridge with the door on the second floor. Improvements were also made to ensure a tighter fit on the aircraft body, and raising and lowering of the bridge by 4.3 m – 8.2 m.

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Glass Wall Type Model


The glass wall type model has
an outstanding design.

The glass wall type model has a beautiful exterior, with a bright and open space inside, allowing passengers to enjoy the view during boarding and disembarking. It also saves electricity by making use of natural light.

Steel Wall Type Model


This is a standard model.

Insulating material can be installed in the ceiling walls to suppress temperature changes, allowing the temperature inside to be maintained at a comfortable level even in harsh temperature environments.

Steel Wall Type Model with Windows


This is a steel wall type model with windows.

This model enables the handling of temperature changes, while also allowing enjoyment of the view outside.

Steel Wall Type Model with External Panels


This is a steel wall type
model with external panels.

It offers the option of installing corporate PR advertisement boards on the flat side walls.

Regional Jet-Compatible Model


An airstair-compatible cab floor was developed, allowing docking with regional jets. It realizes comfortable embarking and disembarking that is unaffected by the weather. Wheelchair passengers too, may embark and disembark from the terminal building.


Reliable technology for realizing the safety
and comfort of passengers and aircraft

The precision performance of PAXWAY is propped up by the superior technology that realizes a high level of maneuverability and safety.

Automated Docking System < AI Docking System >
(Optional Item )


AI technology used for the first time in the world to realize an automated docking system.

A camera installed inside the cab at the front of the boarding bridge detects and captures an image of the aircraft door to ascertain the target position for docking. An AI camera outside the cab identifies the position of the door. This only requires one-touch operation, allowing the bridge to be guided automatically to within 10 cm of the aircraft door.
※The automated docking system is an optional function.

Preset Drive Function


The domestically patented Preset Drive function is a standard feature in all PAXWAY models.

The type of aircraft is selected on a touch control panel, and the press of a button does the rest, automatically guiding the bridge to within 50 cm to 1 m of the aircraft door. It realizes a mass reduction in the operating time required to dock the boarding bridge.

Anti-Collision Function


In the case of gates requiring the docking of double arm bridges to two doors on the aircraft, this function detects the distance between the bridges, and prevents them from colliding with one another regardless of their length and angle.

Adjustable Cab Floor


This function allows the cab floor angle to be tilted in order to adjust for the difference in gradient between the tunnel floor and the aircraft floor, realizing greater safety in the boarding and disembarking of passengers.

Control Panel


The control panel is easy to operate with an LCD touch panel. It allows the state of the boarding bridge to be confirmed on a screen, and is able to store 7,000 messages on its operational and breakdown history. This is useful in the management of breakdowns and operational mistakes.
※The acrylic cover is optional.

Fully Flat /
Wheelchair Accessible Type


A universal design has been deployed to realize a fully flat floor with no steps inside the tunnel.

The gutters on both sides have been eliminated, creating a safer, wider passageway. This ensures smooth embarking and disembarking for passengers with wheeled carrying cases and wheelchairs.