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Enjoy your flight with PAXWAY®! 安全、快適な空の旅の一翼を担います。

The airport is the gateway to air travel.
Airports are used by many passengers every day, as they set off on their journey with high expectations.

Everyone passes through the tunnel (aircraft passenger boarding bridge) that connects the aircraft to the airport on their first step toward air travel.
ShinMaywa Industries’ tunnels are known as PAXWAY™.
The PAXWAY™ combines the company’s history spanning more than 40 years with the latest technologies propping up safety and security. Bringing smiles to the faces of passengers who pass through the tunnel, it contributes to the providing of greater satisfaction in air travel.

Since manufacturing the first boarding bridge in 1969, the company has delivered numerous bridges to not only all the main airports around Japan, including Narita Airport, Osaka International Airport, and CHUBU Centrair International Airport, but also many airports centered on Southeast Asia, as well as Africa, South America, etc. Winning recognition for their outstanding performance, over 1,000 PAXWAY™ bridges have so far been delivered around the world.

ShinMaywa plans to continue offering safety, security and comfort to customers through the providing of high quality products and services. ShinMaywa will also contribute to the development of social infrastructure by providing new solutions through the bolstering of technologies and solutions.

Southeast Asia
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Since delivery of the first boarding bridge in 1969, the bridges have won recognition for their outstanding performance, and over 1,000 of them have now been delivered around the world.

シンガポール チャンギ空港
Changi Airport,
インド インディラ・ガンジー国際空港
Indira Gandhi International Airport,
タイ スワンナプーム国際空港
Suvarnabhumi Airport,
ベトナム ノイバイ国際空港
Noi Bai International Airport,
フィリピン ポホール空港
Bohol-Panglao International Airport,
the Philippines
スリランカ パンダラナイケ国際空港
Bandaranaike International Airport,
Sri Lanka
日本 成田国際空港
Narita Airport, Japan
 (capable of handling A380)
日本 大阪国際空港(伊丹空港)
Osaka International Airport (ITAMI),
日本 中部国際空港
CHUBU Centrair International Airport,