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Release of “Smart eye motion”, a device to reduce damage caused by being caught in refuse compactors

October 1, 2019

Smart eye motion

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (Head Office: Takarazuka City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and CEO: Isogawa Tatsuyuki) has developed a device for reducing damage caused by getting caught in refuse compactors, "Smart eye motion," and will begin selling it on October 1st. To do.

Refuse compactors can cause injuries and deaths involving people during loading operations, so countermeasures are required.
In addition, in recent years there has been a shortage of labor and skilled personnel due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and reducing accidents that occur during work and improving the working envrionmental have become major issues. Conventionally, there are mechanisms to automatically stop the loading operation of refuse compactors using sensors that detect objects or devices that remotely detect IC tags, but these devices are expensive or cannot distinguish between input objects and people, making it difficult for them to start unexpectedly. Currently, it has not spread to the market because work efficiency decreases due to stoppages, etc.

This newly developed device uses image recognition technology to automatically stop the loading operation when it determines that there is a risk of a person being caught in refuse compactors, reducing the damage caused by being caught. The device is trained in advance on the characteristics of the area around a person's head, and it compares the learned data with images from the standard rear-eye camera to detect only people. It is also equipped with a function to detect specific colors, and by having workers wear pre-registered colored clothing (gloves and shoes), it is possible to reduce the risk of getting entangled limbs, etc. By using image recognition technology in this way, it is possible to distinguish between objects and people, thereby improving safety while maintaining work efficiency.

As Japan's top manufacturer of refuse compactors, we strive to provide products of greater value to our customers by creating a product lineup that suits their needs.

1. Features

(1) Flow up to activation of loading stop of this device

  1. 1Detects and tracks the area around the head of a person who enters the detection area of the back-eye camera image, or the specified color worn by the person.
  2. 2 Detects that the loading plate is within the range where it could be caught, and that the detected object has entered the dangerous area.
  3. 3Stop loading operation.

(2) Other functions

  1. 1 When reversing, the system detects a person near the rear of the vehicle and alerts you with a buzzer inside the cab.
    • * The detection area when reversing is different from when loading.
    • * There is no automatic brake function.
  2. 2 Save "images (approximately 2 days worth)", "detection results", and "input/output status" to the SD card to keep records in case of emergency.
[Warning] Function has limitations. Please be sure to work safely.
  • Before use, be sure to read the instruction manuals for this device and refuse compactors carefully, and follow the precautions for use.
  • There are certain conditions for the operation of this device. This device is not intended to reduce the damage caused by being caught in any situation.

2. Order start date

October 1, 2019

3. Sales target

100 units (2020)

4. Main users

Local governments, waste collection and transportation companies, recyclables collection and transportation companies, etc.

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