February 2020, ShinMaywa Industries (ShinMaywa Group) celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the business.

ShinMaywa dates back 100 years to February 1920, starting with the design and manufacturing of aircraft in a warehouse on the premises of Kawanishi Machinery Company established in Kobe City.
The enthusiasm of engineers who hoped to build aircraft themselves came together to produce numerous renowned models, in an age when aircraft were uncommon.
We have inherited the spirit of challenge of those engineers down through the years, and continue to place importance upon carefully listening to the needs of society and our customers to develop products and services that are indispensable to social infrastructure.
In order to support a secure society and comfortable living in the future, we will change our gratitude towards all of those who have supported us into power, to continue challenging the next 100 years with the courage to "transform."

Exclusive Interview We are here today
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  • Representative of the Osaka Sogo Research Institute & Newscaster Jiro SHINBO
  • President & CEO Tatsuyuki ISOGAWA
Jiro SHINBO - Tatsuyuki ISOGAWA

History of "Monozukuri"

Approach to manufacturing and technology passed down for 100 years.
In 2020, ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. is celebrating 100 years in business, since the Aircraft Department was established in the Kawanishi Machinery Company.
ShinMaywa has been progressing along with the development of society, while responding to the needs of the times.
Here, we introduce the path taken on how our main products were created and developed.

Aiming for the next 100 years