Development of the TRD510: Our New Automatic Wire Terminating Machine for the Automotive Market

- Achieving world-leading levels of processing capacity and productivity -

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (President & CEO: Yoshihiro Onishi) has developed its TRD510 Automatic Wire Terminating Machine, which can perform a whole range of wire processes for wire harnesses, including wire measuring, cutting and crimping. On sale starting May 10, the TRD510 is a new model designed specifically to process wires for automotive wire harness applications. It can process at an industry-leading capacity of 5,000 pieces per hour, an increase of 11% over our conventional machine for the automotive market. It is also smaller in size, with an installed footprint that is 26% smaller than the conventional machine.
The manufacture of automotive wire harnesses has been growing in recent years, led by an increased demand in the European, U.S., and Chinese automotive markets. The amount of wire harnesses used in vehicles is also increasing, as the electrification of many components fitted to vehicles progresses and electronic circuit-based control devices for cameras and sensors (needed for preventive safety functions) are now standard equipment on vehicles.

Moreover, in emerging markets - where automotive demand is growing significantly - price competition in the automotive market is intensifying, with automotive manufacturers demanding more and more lower-cost wire harnesses.

TRD510: Automatic Wire Terminating Machine (Both-ends crimping machine)

TRD510: Automatic Wire Terminating Machine
(Both-ends crimping machine)

In this business environment, Automatic Wire Terminating Machines are required to offer improved productivity while also maintaining sophisticated processing capability. For the development of the TRD510, we utilized the TR500's platform, which has been used extensively in consumer applications and has superior capability with small gauge wires. In addition, the platform is small, yet has high levels of processing speed and precision. We modified the platform to have an even greater ability to handle small gauge wires and added as a standard feature the functionality required to meet the strict quality demands of the automotive market, achieving higher processing speeds while also ensuring quality and improved productivity.

More specifically, a digital crimper has been fitted to the TRD510 making it easier to establish various terminal crimping conditions and reduce set-up change time*1 (critical during production). We have also changed the measuring unit (which measures the length of wires and feeds them to the equipment) from the conventional wire-feed mechanism (based on metal rollers) to the belt feeding mechanism used on the TR500, which reduces the potential for wire damage and makes the TRD510 suitable for the ever small gauge wires (including aluminum wires*2) used in the latest automotive harnesses. In addition, we added encoder feedback control to the unit to enable wires to be fed at high speeds, thereby further improving cutting length measurement precision.

Automotive demand and electrification is forecast to continue to grow. In this expanding market, we aim to increase our global share in the Automatic Wire Terminating Machine market by continuing to seek higher levels of quality and productivity, while further enhancing after-sales service.

*1. The set-up time required to start processing subsequent wires when multiple-wire types are processed on a single automatic wire processor.

*2. Aluminum wire characteristics differ by manufacturer, which requires advance confirmation through processing tests. Replacement parts, such as cutters and clamps for unique wires, are also available.

1. Features of the TRD510

(1) Improved productivity by achieving industry-leading processing capability of 5,000 pieces per hour, while saving space (contributions for reducing processing costs per wire)


  • The TR500 platform, which has a well-established results of high speed and precision processing has been utilized
  • More compact than our conventional model for the automotive market (the TRD301), resulting in a 26% smaller installed footprint


  • 2.0 ton class digital crimper with numerical control for easier achievement of crimping conditions and shorter set-up change time

Cutter Unit

  • Drive unit equipped with the latest servo motor for achieving high-speed and high-precision wire cutting by advanced control function

Measurement Unit

  • Adoption of the belt-feeding mechanism used in the TR500 to reduce wire damage and handle the latest ever-small gauge automotive wires. Encoder feedback correction control also incorporated to increase precision, especially when cutting long wire lengths.

Standard Equipment

  • Terminal crimping monitor (TCM)
  • Bad wire chopper (cuts off wire terminals judged to be defective at the TCM)

(2) Improvement of easy Maintenance

Cutter Unit

  • Mechanism that makes it easy to replace cutter blades
  • Structure of six independent blades (front/rear stripping blades and cutter blades) allowing each blade to be replaced individually.

Fewer Grease Points (compared to our previous model)

  • The TRD510 has 17 grease points, 40% fewer as compared with the 29 points of our conventional machine, the TRD301.

2.Start of Sales

Standard Unit: May 10, 2015 Seal Insertion Unit: July 10, 2015

3. Price

8.2 million yen (standard specification, excluding taxes)

4.Main Customers

Wire harness manufacturers

5.Sales Targets

FY2015: 100 units


Standard specifications for the new model TRD510 (both-ends crimping machine):

Model TRD510
Max. processing capacity Both-ends crimping
5,000 pcs/hr (cutting length: 100 mm)
4,200 pcs/hr (cutting length: 500 mm)
3,750 pcs/hr (cutting length: 1,000 mm)
Wire types Size 0.13 - 1.25 mm2 AWG 26 - 18
* May not be able to process flexible (soft) wires in some cases
Max. O.D 3.0 mm
Cutting length 50 - 20,000 mm
Stripping length 1 - 16 mm
Wire feeding Belt-feeding mechanism. Practical standard speed: 6 m/s (possibly up to 10 m/s)
Crimper Digital crimper
Crimp capacity 19.6 kN
Applicable terminal Continuous open-barrel (side and end feed)
Standard equipment Stripping sensor, terminal presence sensor, joint sensor, tension overload sensor, wire slipping sensor, terminal crimping monitor (TCM), bad wire chopper
Driving motor All axes AC servo motor
Power consumption Max. approx. 0.4 kWh
Supply air 0.5 MPa 150 ℓ/min(ANR)
Inputs/operation screen Inputs and operation through LCD screen, mouse and keyboard
Safety features Full covers (can be opened in some locations)
Primary power supply 3-phase 200VAC ± 10% (50/60Hz)
Available transformers: 240V, 380V, 415V ± 10% (50/60Hz)
Main body dimensions 1,100 mm x 1,850 mm x 1,810 mm (width x height x depth)
1,700 mm x 2,110 mm x 2,100 mm (width x height x depth)
* including a terminal reel of 650 mm dia.
Main body weight Approx. 690 kg
Main options Wire stacker (for cutting lengths of 2 m, 3 m, and 5 m),
Wire tray with Monitor stand (for cutting lengths up to 2 m)
Carrier cutter, Terminal overload sensor