Our Commitment

President & CEO, Yoshihiro Onishi

Our CSR management policy (established in April 2012) declares: "The ShinMaywa Group fulfills our social responsibility through the provision of superior products and the maintenance and improvement of the quality of our management." Implemented around the same time, our three-year medium-term management plan "New Challenge 50" stipulates two management visions. To achieve these, our entire group of companies in Japan and overseas is working together in unity.

Management Vision of the ShinMaywa Group

  • We aim to realize the ShinMaywa Group's brand statement "Brighten Your Future" by constantly creating products and services that adapt to the changing needs of society and diversifying customer demand in a timely manner.
  • Regarding our CSR-oriented management, we place primary importance on "Social Contribution through Products and Services."

Our principal business activities are supported by the five divisions of our company: Aircraft, Special Purpose Truck, Fluid, Parking Systems, and Industrial Machinery Systems. The products and services they offer are diverse, but their unity under our Group Philosophy "Contributing to society through our business," remains strong.

"New Challenge 50" upholds the idea of "Social contribution through products and services" and clarifies the responsibility and authority of each division in order to provide speedy responses to the demands of our ever-changing society.

Since our company's founding in 1949, our business management policy of "Creating and providing products required by the markets through our technology" has been consistent. I believe this to be the essential basis for creating products and a vital building block of the CSR activities of the manufacturing-business-centered ShinMaywa Group.

With the progress of so-called globalization, the expansion of business activities is expected to accelerate. In this diversified society, the ShinMaywa Group will fulfill our social responsibility as manufacturers by clearly defining what we can accomplish, precisely because of our expertise, and work towards these goals through continuously "Responding," "Creating" and "Taking on Challenges."

President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa