Our Commitment

President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa

In 2020, the year of reaching our milestone of 100 years in business, we have established our Management philosophy and our Long-term vision. Our Management philosophy is the "compass" for our long-term oriented management toward the next 100 years and our Long-term vision shows the ideal form that the ShinMaywa Group is aiming for 10 years from now in 2030.

They express our desire to carry on the management approach which we have valued since the founding of the business of "contributing to the overall well-being of humanity for a stable society and positive living environment" through technology. This approach will enable our transformation in response to global society needs, as a true value co-creation company that advances urban, transportation and environmental infrastructures.

We believe that this desire shares ideas underlying the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations, and that the business activities of the ShinMaywa Group will be able to contribute directly to achievement of the SDGs.

By incorporating the common issues of companies and society into our long-term oriented management and CSR activities, and implementing that long-term oriented management and CSR activities as our long-term business strategies, the ShinMaywa Group aims to be "a true value co-creation company" that contributes to the sustainable growth of companies and a sustainable society.

Furthermore, we will fulfil our social responsibilities by taking on the challenge of contributing to the solution of global social problems.

President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa