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Promoting Sustainable Management Activities through Transformation toward a Long-Term Orientation

ShinMaywa Group celebrated the 100th anniversary of the founding of the business in 2020 with the support of all stakeholders, including customers, business partners, and employees. First, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to everyone related to the Group for being able to welcome this historic milestone.
The 100th anniversary is both a milestone as well as the start toward the next 100 years. To continue to exist as a corporate group 100 years from now, going forward, we need to perceive the changes to society and people’s lifestyles and the fine points of transformation in various industries being brought about by the dramatic progress of information and communication technologies (ICT), and reform into a corporate structure that adapts such changes in advance.

President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa
President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa

At the same time, in this reform, besides the pursuit of convenience and comfort for humankind, we will also need to give consideration to the global environment.
At the same time as being appreciative of having continued business activities in the 100 years since our founding, we also want to be a company that is always needed, even in a new society, through the provision of products and services created by us as well as solutions linking them together. This desire and the stance we adopt are stated in the Management philosophy. To give concrete form to the realization of this philosophy, we set 2030 as a specific target in the near future and stated the ideal we are aiming for as our Long-term vision. We will promote sustainability management with the Management philosophy and Long-term vision as the two pillars of our Group’s management.

To give concrete form to the ideal stated in the Long-term vision, ShinMaywa is currently carrying out President & CEO, Tatsuyuki Isogawa repeated studies on specific target values as well as measures and plans to achieve those values. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, there are some businesses which have diverged significantly from initial expectations. However, we will complement them by using our strength as a corporate group that has a variety of business fields contributing to social infrastructure. At the same time, we will put together initiatives that drive the two axes of social contribution and future value creation. We will announce them to all stakeholders in the spring of 2022 as our Long-term Management Plan.

In the Long-term Management Plan, besides improving our current position in the market, we will show that we are a corporate group that continues to always create new value by also incorporating challenges in new fields with a view of a future that changes. At the same time, to secure trust and expectations for the various measures, we will also promote transformation toward ESG management. In conducting business activities, we will continue to adopt a stance that is always looking at social issues and identifies and deals with potential risks, thereby suppressing these risks to a minimum should they manifest and also reducing the risk of affecting our stakeholders.

In addition, together with ESG management, we will make clear the targets we have established regarding the SDGs and take proper measures to achieve these targets so as to undertake the solving of social issues as a Group.
As we steadily execute these new initiatives, it is also essential to promote digital transformation (DX) and the building of various infrastructure that form its basis. We will promote strengthening management foundations to realize sustainable growth for ShinMaywa Group by making appropriate investments in necessary areas.

While we are still unable to see an end to the spread of COVID-19, which resulted in an unprecedented situation, we will apply our comprehensive capabilities and overcome this difficulty together by properly sharing the gist of the various initiatives mentioned here within the Group and bringing them into practice.
We hope that all our shareholders will understand the management stance of ShinMaywa Group and we ask for your continued support.

Sustainability Management Policy

ShinMaywa Group will promote “Sustainability management” (*) that supports ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) in order to create social values and enhance our corporate value sustainably, as well as gain the trust of all our stakeholders, through business activities in harmony with society and the environment and through sound, transparent management based on our new “Management philosophy,” “Long-term vision,” “Action guidelines” and “Code of conduct.”


1.Products/Services (E・S・G)
Tackle the creation of new values and contribute to the sustained development of society through the provision of safe, good quality products and services that help solve issues with society and the environment.

2.Global Society (S)
Contribute to the development of countries and cities by working to solve global problems related to urban, transportation and environmental infrastructure through our businesses.

3.Global Environment (E)
Reduce our global environmental burden among all processes in our corporate activities.

4.Supply Chain (E・S・G)
Promote purchasing that helps the environment, human rights, and ethics in conjunction with our business partners, as well as ensure compliance with laws, social norms, and so on.

5.Stakeholders (S・G)
Increase our corporate value sustainably through the co-creation of community values, as well as increase the transparency of our management through the appropriate disclosure of information and sincere dialogue, constructing a relationship of trust with all our stakeholders.

6.Governance and Risk Management (G)
Construct an effective governance system to minimize the impact of possible future risks and prepare for threats to our corporate activities through the strict control of confidential and personal information.

7.Human Resources Training/Innovation (S)
Respect individual human rights, sense of values, and diversity, hire and retain people through training, developing, and utilizing people who can wield their own individual abilities and specializations to the maximum, preparing work environments that consider physical and mental health, and foster a sound organizational culture that generates new innovation.

8.Local Communities (S)
Actively interact with the local communities to contribute to our co-existence and their development.

(*) Sustainability management: The term for business management as a whole that achieves sustainable growth with a view to the long term

ShinMaywa Group Human Rights Policy

Based on our recognition that respect for human rights is an important corporate social responsibility, and as a company that aims to maintain sustainable corporate growth with an eye on the global market, ShinMaywa Group sets forth a human rights policy to uphold the International Bill of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations and expressly show our stance toward respecting human rights based on international standards.

1.Human Rights Policy
(1)Respect for fundamental human rights
We will respect fundamental human rights through sound business activities following internationally recognized human rights principles.

(2)Elimination of discrimination
We will not unfairly discriminate based on such factors as race, religion, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, and educational background.

(3)Ban on harassment
We will not engage in speech, behavior, or other forms of harassment that violate human rights based on factors such as sex and social standing.

(4)Respect for labor rights
We will comply with national and regional labor laws and practices, as well as establish a sound labor-management relationship by respecting the right of collective bargaining and engaging in sincere dialogue with labor unions and individual employees.

(5)Ban on child labor and forced labor
We will not engage in child labor or forced labor in any country or region in which we conduct business activities. We will also respect children’s rights based on the Children’s Rights and Business Principles developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

(6)Establishment of comfortable workplace environments
We will establish workplace environments where all employees can work in a safe, healthy, and lively manner. For our wage payment, we will comply with laws on the minimum wage, legal benefits and so forth of all nations and regions in which we conduct business activities. At the same time, we will comply with laws on working hours and overtime work.

(7)Contribution to local communities
As a good company and citizen, we will develop a relationship of trust with local communities and strive to undertake our activities by considering factors such as the social circumstance, culture, and practices of the local communities while endeavoring to collaborate with them to resolve regional issues.

2.Responsibility to Respect Human Rights
In the event that our business activities negatively impact human rights, we will fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights by taking appropriate steps to rectify the situation.

3.Education and Training
To comply with our policy on respect for human rights, we will continuously provide all officers and employees with appropriate education and training on respect for human rights to have the policy incorporated in all of our business activities and effectively implemented.

4.Identifying and Responding to Negative Impact on Human Rights Issues (Human Rights Due Diligence)
To prevent or alleviate negative impacts on human rights that arise from our business activities and can potentially affect society, we will conduct preventive surveys and evaluations as necessary and strive to conduct appropriate improvement activities and monitoring that take into consideration the risks involved.

ShinMaywa Group Basic Policy on Human Resources


CSR Promotion Structure

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. has newly established the Sustainability Committee to promote sustainability management.
The committee is chaired by the executive officer, Technology & CSR and members include each executive officer. The CSR Dept. serves as the secretariat, and meetings are held twice each year.
The committee’s key roles are as follows.

1.Studying and deliberating management policies, issues, indices, etc. related to CSR

2.Studying, deliberating, and deciding matters being submitted to the Senior Executive Committee and the Board of Directors

3.Monitoring issues and the achievement state of indices as well as providing advice

CSR activities will be promoted through collaboration such as with the Environmental, Social and Governance Subcommittees comprising head office divisions and the various cross-divisional specialized meetings (including Group companies).

Toward Contributions to the SDGs and a Sustainable Society


ShinMaywa Group continues to support the creation of a stable society and positive living environment through a wide range of business activities, products and services-including aircraft, special purpose truck, parking systems, fluid and industrial machinery systems-in fields that support urban, transportation and environmental infrastructure.
These business activities can directly contribute toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, such as establishing sanitation and hygiene facilities, upgrading infrastructure and retrofitting industries through technological innovation, and reducing waste generation.

We undertake a wide range of initiatives that can contribute toward the SDGs through our Group’s business activities, products and services. Going forward, we will contribute toward the SDGs and fulfill our social responsibility by working to solve issues shared by the company and society based on our Sustainability Management Policy and implementing this as our Long-term business strategies.