ShinMaywa Group Code of Conduct

We aim to realize our Group Philosophy by living up to it every single day.

To continue "responding," we:

  • Listen to what customers have to say to decide "what needs to be done next."
  • Abide by our promises.
  • Observe laws and uphold human ethics as a member of society.

To continue "creating," we:

  • Relentlessly pursue solutions rather than trying to find "reasons why it can't be done."
  • Work hard to create and provide products and services that are superior to the competition.
  • Make it our motto to enhance convenience and comfort in our contemporary lifestyles.

To continue "challenging," we:

  • Envision ideal goals and aim high.
  • Devote ourselves to enhancing skills that can be used throughout the world.
  • Never give up before reaching our goals.