Management Policy

Long-term & Medium-term Management Plan

In order to continue to grow sustainably after celebrating our 100th anniversary, our group has established Long-term vision for the future, with 2030 as the target year, based on Management philosophy.

Long-term vision

Established April 1, 2020

Expressing what we are aiming for ShinMaywa to have become by 2030, based on our management philosophy.

To respond to global society needs,
we will be a true value co-creation company that advances 
urban, transportation and environmental infrastructures.

In the future, we will promote "Long-term vision management" by embodying the vision of our group and backcasting the gap between that vision and the current state in order to realize our "Long-term vision."

Long-term management plan
Sustainable Growth with Vision 2030 ([SG-Vision2030])
-Sustainable growth through value creation-

Basic policy

The vision will be implemented with the following two management themes in parallel, improving corporate value by sustainably creating economic value and social value

  1. 1. "The Long-term business strategies": Lay out a future vision of society in 2030 and formulate and implement business solutions to achieve it
  2. 2. "Strengthening management foundations": Contribute to the SDGs through implementing sustainability management that supports Long-term business strategies

Promotion plan

The SG‐Vision 2030 period (FY2021 to FY2030) will be divided into three, with Medium‐term management plan for each period formulated and promoted, thus aiming to achieve the Long‐term vision and reach the various management indices.

Target management indicators

What we are aiming to be by achieving our targets

Contribute to advancing global social infrastructure
→  Improve both profitability and corporate favorability
Solve/improve key ESG issues
→ Create social/environmental values, contribute to SDGs
Optimize capital formation based on sustainable growth
→ High returns to shareholders and other stakeholders
Foster diverse personnel and establish a workplace environment that makes it rewarding to work
→  Improving employee engagement

Medium-term management plan[SG-Vision2030] Phase2: ["Expansion"]: ([SG-2026] *)

  • "SG" in [SG-2026] refers to the name of the Long-term management plan, "Sustainable Growth," and "2026" refers to the final year of the activity period.