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Plasma Ion Nitriding System

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What is Plasma Ion Nitriding System ?

Plasma (ion) nitriding is a nitriding technology using nitrogen ions generated by plasma.
Nitriding is to generate nitride-based intermetallic compound on the surface of a target by bombarding the surface with nitrogen ions.
When the nitride-based compound is generated on the surface, surface hardness is increased and also wear resistance is improved.

Plasma Ion Nitriding System

Plasma Ion Nitriding System

Principle of Ion Nitriding process

The principle of plasma (ion) nitriding is as follows.
With taking in nitrogen gas inside of the chamber, nitrogen ions are created by generating glow discharge.
Generated nitrogen ions are accelerated and bonbarding a nitriding target.
On the top surface of the nitriding object, nitride-based intermetallic compound is generated.


  • Increased hardness and improved wear resistance on the top surface of the substrate.
  • Providing longer life by application to metallic mold materials.
  • Also applicable to tough materials (parts) (only the surface is hardened).

System specifications

System specifications
Size W 2,200mm
D 2,100mm
H 2,650mm
Weight Approx. 2,600kg
Gas Ar, N2
Temp. <500℃
Plasma source 1 unit

Application Examples

Vickers hardness measurement (section)

Shown on the left is the sectional view after nitriding process to a high-speed tool steel and hardness changes (right) from the surface.
Several points are measured using a Vickers hardness meter in the depth direction from the surface.
The top surface shows approximately twice the hardness of the substrate and hardness becomes low gradually along the depth direction.
The grade of surface hardness may vary according to target substrates or processing conditions.

Vickers hardness measurement (section)

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