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Ion Plasma Finishing System

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What is Ion Plasma Finishing System ?

This system is designed for sharpening edges of medical needles to reduce pains by ion sputtering process.
It is also applicable to sharpening edges of blades for beauty or medical treatment.

Ion Plasma Finishing System

Ion Plasma Finishing System

IPFS-1600 series

Principle of Ion Plasma Treatment

  1. Inside of the chamber, plasma sheath is generated on the surface of needles.
  2. Electrons (-) or ions (+) are floating within plasma. Apply bias (-) voltage to targeted needles.
  3. Electrons (-) within plasma sheath repulse it and only ions (+) accelerate towards edges and tips of the needles (sputtering effect).
  4. Sputtering effect tends to concentrate on edges and tips of the needles and sides of the needles are also simultaneously processed uniformly.
    • The status of plasma sheath changes by the pitches (distance) between needles.
    • Final form of a needle is fixed by the pitch status between needles and processing time.
Principle of Ion Plasma Treatment

System specifications

System specifications
Size W 2,600mm
D 2,300mm
H 2,400mm
Weight Approx. 3,000kg
Gas Ar, N2
Temp. <500℃
Plasma source 4 units

Application Examples

Sharpening edges of a needle

Sharpening edges of a needle
  1. Small burrs and micro scratches are observed on the surface before processing (left).
  2. Process by this system (right) removes small burrs which remained on the surface and smoothes the surface.
  3. The curve shown with the red dashed line is the edge shape made by the effect of the process.
    The tip of the needle is sharpened and the insertion point of medical liquid is also widen.
  4. Above effect contributes to reduction of insertion resistance greatly shown in the following application examples.
  5. Comparision of penetration test by artificial skin

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