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Ion Implantation System

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Technical Information

What is Ion Implantation System ?

Ion implantation is new surface treatment technology where surface layer properties can be modified without shape change.
Ion implantation treatment can increase surface layer hardness and decrease friction coefficient, thus providing wear resistance and thermal resistance improvement.

Ion Implantation System

Materials for implantation

  1. TiB2
    Material with high corrosion resistance, high chemical stability and high hardness of 2700 HV
  2. MoS2
    Solid lubrication material with low coefficient of friction and high lubricity
  3. ZrB2
    High hardness and heat resisting material
  4. hBN
    With the hardness next to the diamond it is high heat resisting material

Characteristics of Ion Implantation System

Can be applied for forming metal mold of the painted steel panel, as it contributes to the production efficiency. The production efficiency here is "improvement of the yield" and "decrease in maintenance time".
There are the examples of successful applications for cutting tools, punches and metal molds too.

Standard Specification

The effective coating area
Carrier gas

Coating Service

Typical application of ion implantation is in the terms of "wear resistance" , "thermal resistance" etc…

Please feel free to contact our representatives and we will be happy to assist you with appropriate surface treatment selection for your specific tasks. Trial treatments are possible as well.


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