Management Policy

Medium-term Management Plan

Outline of Medium-term Management Plan "New Challenge 100"

Plan Duration

April 2015 to March 2018


Maintain consolidated net sales of over ¥200 billion and consolidated operating income of over ¥10 billion

Basic Policies

Firmly maintain our operating base while taking on new challenges to achieve further breakthroughs

We will work to maintain and expand market share and earnings while firmly maintaining our operating base by strengthening partnerships with our customers and establishing ourselves as a supplier in global markets. We will also take on the challenge of entering into new business fields through creation of innovative, high value-added products.

Promote CSR-oriented management through products and services

We will actualize the ShinMaywa Group’s brand statement “Brighten Your Future” by creating and providing products and services that benefit society.

Develop next-generation management

We will appoint personnel as senior employees with good managerial sense and promote next-generation management development programs.

Segment Policies, etc.

Overall Group

  • Pursue portfolio management to transform the group companies on a growth track
  • Enter growth markets by creating new products
  • Raise productivity and strengthen our competitiveness through automation


- Become a world-class aircraft manufacturer! -

  • Convert amphibians for civilian applications
  • Expand our components business for commercial aircraft

Special Purpose Trucks

- Regain position as Japan’s leader way ahead of its competitors -

  • Raise market share for core products as well as strengthen and expand strategic products
  • Increase sales of functional components in overseas markets

Industrial Machinery & Environmental Systems

- Strengthen our operating base and expand overseas sales -

  • Increase sales of fluid and related equipment in rainwater and disaster preparedness sectors
  • Expand lineup of automatic wire processors
  • Launch high value-added products in thin film and surface modification sectors
  • Firmly maintain and expand the scale of our maintenance and operations management business for environmental facilities

Parking Systems

- Become the preferred solutions manufacturer of customers -

  • Expand market share through creation of innovative, high value-added products
  • Firmly maintain and increase the number of maintenance contracts