ISO 9001


Thai ShinMaywa Co., Ltd. aims to be the Thai market leader of hydraulic hoist cylinder for special purpose trucks.


  • We produce good quality products, develop products in response to customer needs and according to international quality standards, and apply advanced technology to manufacturing process.
  • We deliver value and quality of products with enhanced skills and knowledge.
  • We increase sales and gain market share nationwide and expand sales in international markets.

Organizational Strategies

  1. Enhance skills, knowledge and awareness at all employee positions in order to maintain product quality, production capacity, competitive cost and organizational health.
  2. Acquire quality raw material at reasonable cost, through diversified procurement sources.
  3. Keep close relations with existing customers and seek for new customers by direct approach, exhibitions, events and advertisement.
  4. Establish parts and service centers throughout the country.
  5. Expand sales of Telescopic Type Tipping Gear in international markets.

ISO 9001 Quality Policy

  1. Focus on work efficiency and effectiveness in order to reduce damages and loss in every process.
  2. Act according to customer requirements on quality and delivery. Act for continuous improvement of customer satisfaction.
  3. Conduct business on the basis of fair and adequate relationships to ensure that purchased materials and supplies meet specified standards and delivery time.
  4. Ensure that the appropriate employee training is provided continuously for thorough understanding of work standard.
  5. Encourage all employees to participate corporate activities for skills development, which is crucial in maintaining quality of products and services.
  6. Commit to following social responsibilities, laws and regulations.

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