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Thai ShinMaywa is happy to supply the products to global customers. Please send us inquiries if you're interested in our product range.
In case you're finding difficulties in choosing the right model, we will help you with the suitable option based on the performance and body size requirements. Tipping gear kit contents can also be tailored to requests.

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China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Lao, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam


As part of ShinMaywa Group, who is a leading truck body manufacturer in Japan, Thai ShinMaywa is able to provide not only the components but also expertise of dump trucks. Consultations on cylinder mounting layout, body dimensions, body structures, etc. are available upon request. Dispatch of supervising engineer is also avilable at cost. Please ask for details.

To the customers who purchased our hoist kits, installation manuals and parts catalogs are supplied. Manuals provide technical informations and measurement data which are crutial to tipping gear installation.

“TENTSUKI” manual

Telescopic manual

Parts catalog

Trouble Support

In the event of damage or any trouble of ShinMaywa tipping gears, we are able to provide analysis of the case according to status reports. Not to mention spare parts and workshop manuals are available.