"TENTSUKI" Type Tipping Gear

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. is the original developer of "TENTSUKI" tipping gear. Since the launch in 1971, the "TENTSUKI" dump trucks have been used all over the world.
The hoist mechanism consists of single-stage & single-action hydraulic cylinder and link system. The hoist mechanism, including the hydraulic cylinder, is manufactured and assembled by Thai ShinMaywa Co., Ltd., under Japanese design and quality standards.
"TENTSUKI" is the registered trademark of ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.


Product Details

"TENTSUKI" Type Tipping Gear Range

KRM-225 (2019.4)

KRM-207 (2018.11)

KRM-167 (2019.5)


KRM-71 (2018.11)

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