ISO 14001


Promote conservation of environment with continual development.

Environmental Policy

Any production activities and services of an organization can cause impacts on the environment. As we realize the importance of environmental management, we set following policies to prevent environmental impacts.

  1. Prevent pollution.
  2. Efficient consumption of electricity and resources.
  3. Comply relevant environmental regulations, laws and other criteria.
  4. Review and continually improve environmental performance.
  5. Set and review environmental objective and target in accordance with regulations.

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Environmental Objectives

Objectives are established at relevant functions, positions and processes contributing environmental management system. The objectives are as follow.

  1. A) Consistent with the environmental policy
  2. B) Can be measurable.
  3. C) Relate to applicable requirements.
  4. D) Monitor.
  5. E) Communicate.
  6. F) Keep appropriately up to date.