The Leading Manufacturer of Tipping Gear

Thai ShinMaywa Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of tipping gear (also called dump hoists, the hydraulic mechanism for lifting body of dump trucks). The company has been supplying wide variety of high-quality tipping gears to the global customers. Current tipping gear range consists of two types, the original "TENTSUKI" under-body link type and the telescopic type.

Proven Technology, Performance and Quality

Thai ShinMaywa Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. in Japan. ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. is one of the global leading manufacturers of special purpose trucks, such as dump trucks, primarily "TENTSUKI" brand, and garbage trucks, detachable container trucks, tail gate lifters, etc. Since its establishment, Thai ShinMaywa Co., Ltd. has been continuously supplying "TENTSUKI" tipping gear range, other hydraulic cylinders and various truck body components to ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. is also a global industrial equipment maker manufacturing submersible pumps, automatic wire processors, mechanical parking systems, airport boarding bridges, amphibian aircrafts, aircraft components and refuse storage & transportation facilities, all of which are aimed for contribution to the society and lifestyle.