About Us

Management's Message

The mission of ShinMaywa California is to provide procurement services in support of ShinMaywa's aerospace business. We have 25 years of experience in the sourcing and supply chain management of products for aerospace production requirements.

Our customers have found ShinMaywa California to be a trusted partner with their mission-critical performance needs.

ShinMaywa California operations provide important supply chain services in support of the major commercial aircraft and business jet programs. We are focused on providing the very highest level of services to our customers.

In order to achieve the highest level of service to our customers, It is of the utmost importance to have strong and long term business relationships with world class producers of the products we buy.

A fundamental basis for operation of our company is that the understanding and meeting of the demands and expectations of our supplier partners is the key to successful business relationships.

It is necessary to establish a strong people-to-people relationship for daily transactions not only through e-mail or telephone but also with face-to-face interaction.

ShinMaywa California procurement experts are constantly working toward the achievement of lower costs and stable supply of the products it buys.

We offer our expertise and years of experience for quality assurance and reliable purchasing service for aircraft structural materials and sub-assemblies for commercial aircraft.

We are constantly striving for continuous improvement in all of our customer support processes.

We appreciate your continuous support and business.

Yoshimasa Furuta