Sales Distributor Recruitment (for Fluid Equipment)

1. Details for the recruitment

  1. 1.Content : Distributors for ShinMaywa wastewater pump market
  2. 2.Territory: AZ, MA, MD, MI, NY, TX, VA, WA, OR
  3. 3.Location : The distributors shall be located in the same states as their target territory.
  4. 4.Remarks
    "The contents of this website do not represent an offer of entering an agreement with ShinMaywa (America), Ltd. nor acknowledgment of its terms shall constitute a legal agreement between our companies. The terms indicated herein are non-binding and do not represent any promise by ShinMaywa (America), Ltd. The contents of this website are exclusively intended to the purpose of attracting potential business partners in order to initiate discussions toward a formal distribution/agency agreement and/or other form of engagement the parties might mutually agree upon proper discussions."

2. Surveillance Procedure (Examination period: Approx. 2-3 months)

  1. 1.Documentary examination (Please refer to the below 3)
  2. 2.Visit interview
  3. 3.Credit inquiry
  4. 4.Negotiation on terms and conditions
  5. 5.Contract

3. Please fill the attached application form and send it by e-mail.