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ShinMaywa launches Explosion Proof Submersible Pumps for the North American market

- CNWX Non-clog scroll submersible pumps Explosion Proof Series (Class 1, Division 1, Groups C&D T3C) -

ShinMaywa (America), Ltd. announced the launch of the explosion proof series of non-clog scroll submersible pumps CNWX on June 20, 2011. Its explosion proof specifications are examined, tested, and approved by the certification organization FM Approvals. It is suitable for use in Class 1, Division 1, Groups C and D.

Initially released in Japan 2008, the non-clog scroll submersible pump series has earned an excellent reputation for its highly efficient pumping performance and non-clog passage. Its high durability and energy-conserving performance have proved to be highly popular among municipal governments in Japan, who use this submersible pump in the Pump stations of their public sewage systems.

In North America, grinder pumps are often chosen for raw water transfer at sewage treatment plants to pass debris through, but this CNWX Series is able to significantly reduce energy consumption in these applications. Customized for the North American market, the CNWX Series features a compact structure and a tandem design mechanical seal, while retaining excellent pumping efficiency and solid pass-through, which have been proven in Japan.

Developed by our parent company ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd., the CNW Series - the prototype of the CNWX Series, has earned a high amount of recognition from external organizations, as evidenced by its receipt of the President’s Award at the 29th (FY2008) Superior Energy-Conserving Machinery Awards hosted by the Japan Machinery Federation in February 2009, for the outstanding merits of energy conservation and maintenance cost reductions that accompany its introduction.

ShinMaywa (America) aims to expand sales of the submersible pumps by tapping into latent demands in the North American market with the explosion proof CNWX Series.


  • Raw water transfer in the pump stations
  • Drainage from buildings
  • Raw water transfer in sewage treatment plants
  • Drainage for industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Transfer and conveyance of polluted water and sewage containing debris such as solids and fibrous materials


  • Approved by FM Approvals (Class 1, Division 1, Groups C&D T3C)
  • ShinMaywa’s revolutionary new non-clog scroll impeller and special pump casing achieve high lift for low-flow applications. Pumps with lower horsepower rating than conventional models may be selected for enhanced energy conservation.
  • The non-clog scroll impeller achieves a larger solid size passage, and circumferentially guides debris along the smooth helix-formed passage to eliminate clogging problems in the low pressure area at the center of the impeller. This significantly reduces the clogging and entangling of debris contained in wastewater, such as solids and fibrous materials.
  • The vertical mounting design allows for easier and more efficient maintenance and inspection. The pump unit can be inspected without removing the impeller from the motor.
  • The ANSI flange makes it possible to attach the pump directly to ANSI discharge pipe.
  • UL multicore cables conforming to the permissible current of the United States National Electrical Code (NEC).
  • Two types of electric motors: 208/230V and 460V
  • The motor incorporates miniature thermal protectors (MTPs), which are embedded in each phase winding, thus protecting the motor from overheating due to excess current.
  • The pump is equipped with seal fail chamber containing a float-type leakage detector to detect the presence of water.
  • A tandem design mechanical seal, meeting North American specifications.
  • Class F electric motor insulation (North American specifications)
  • The air relief valve (standard equipment) prevents airlock by expelling any air remaining in the pump housing.
  • A total of 14 models available, with bore ranging from 3" (80 mm) to 6" (150 mm) and output from 2HP (1.5 kW) to 10HP (7.5 kW).


ShinMaywa (America), Ltd.