Infinite Possibilities of the US-2

Firefighting Amphibians

In Europe and North America, firefighting amphibians are in active service in the fight against forest and urban fires. Because of concerns about urban fires in the wake of a major earthquake, the US-2 is expected to serve as a firefighting amphibian in Japan as well.

Firefighting Amphibians

Carrying as much water as 21 firefighting helicopters

With modifications, the US-2 can carry 15 t of firefighting water and fire extinguishers, which is equivalent to the amount that about 21 ordinary firefighting helicopters can carry. The STOL aircraft can drop water with pinpoint accuracy on the area where a fire has spread.

ShinMaywa's Firefighting Amphibian Aircraft-15 tons in one aircraft

Scooping 15 tons of water in 20 seconds

By taxiing on the surface of the water (ocean, etc.) for approx. 20 seconds, the 15 tons water tank can be filled up. In case of a major fire, the US-2 can scoop up water to repeatedly extinguish fires.

Firefighting system

Proven effects of aerial firefighting

The effects of aerial firefighting were verified in an experiment using a modified model of the anti-submarine patrol plane PS-1 in 1976.

  • Firefighting experiment. Water volume and pressure may be adjusted by opening / closing the doors.

Conducted wind tunnel water spray test on the firefighting system jointly with JAXA

ShinMaywa collaborates with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and Japan Aircraft Development Corporation (JADC) for joint research.

Spraying water (c)JAXA
Wind tunnel water spray test (c)JAXA
Flight simulator test (c)JAXA
  • Computational fluid dynamics - a numerical analysis method for observing fluid motions by using computers to solve equations on such motions