Company Information


ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd., together with its affiliate and subsidiary companies, is a Japanese corporation whose business areas are widely varying to Aircraft, Special Purpose Trucks, Fluid, Parking Systems, and Industrial Machinery Systems, committed to make a contribution to social world through its products and services that are helpful to valued customers and therefore to domestic and international societies.

ShinMaywa has its origin back in 1920 when it started to develop aircraft, and as a manufacturing company that supports social infrastructures, it has been continued to provide products and services imperative to people’s livelihood.

Taking the opportunity of Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges delivery to Changi Airport, ShinMaywa (Asia) Pte. Ltd. was established in 1990 to support sales and maintenance business of the Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges, and is currently in charge of sales, maintenance and repair of Water Treatment equipment, Automatic Wire Terminating Machines, Environmental equipment and Aircraft Passenger Boarding Bridges, and sales of Special Purpose Trucks in Asia, as a part of ShinMaywa group and under ShinMaywa group fundamental philosophies.

Asia is a region where currently 50% of people in the world are living, and continuing growth.

ShinMaywa (Asia) Pte. Ltd. has taken deep root in Singapore, the entrance to Asia, and will continue to work with passions and challenging spirits in mind in response to the expectations of Asian people throughout maintenances stand by the valued customers to assure comfort by taking advantages of excellent human resources and stable business environment of Asian region, while introducing numbers of leading ‘Only One’ and ‘Best One’ products.

We look forward to doing business with you !

Masanori Ogawa,
Managing Director
ShinMaywa (Asia) Pte. Ltd.