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Technical Information

What is DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) ?

Generally known as Diamond Like Carbon, it is a carbon coating nearly as hard as diamond or cBN.
It is mainly used for cutting tools, dies and various machine parts.
DLC has various features depending on coating methods and coating structures. PVD (physical vapor deposition) system creates a hydrogen free coating.
Hydrogen free DLC generally indicates Vickers hardness (HV) beyond 5,000. It is extremely hard and low friction coefficient.



High hardness and high wear resistance are distinguishing characteristics of DLC.
It is very effective for longer tools' life used at manufacturing sites such as cutting tools, punches and other machine parts.
At cutting process by cutting tools, "improved finishing on the processed surface" and "improved yield rate" are obtained by DLC. As for aluminum processing, DLC is effective for "weld prevention".

ShinMaywa's DLC coating

ShinMaywa's DLC system has adopted a pulse-controlled coating method and is developed and manufactured on our own.
We have mainly developed a hydrogen free DLC by PVD method with features of Vickers hardness (HV 4,000-6,000), low coefficient of friction and process at low temperature (less than 150 ℃).
Our process provides thicker coatings than other DLC in general.
Our coating has been accepted by major tool companies and we have numbers of successful business results for dies and machine parts.

A special coating can be formed by ShinMaywa's DLC system, which is called a CN coating that is available by our system.
Generally, DLC is not a film which shows the resistance from a semiconductor from an insulator. Conductivity cannot be expected.
However, ShinMaywa has developed this conductive CN coating in order to meet customers' requests; a coating with great wear resistance in addition to conductivity.
If you are looking for a conductive coating with wear resistance, ShinMaywa's coating is very effective.

*1 Joint development with Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Characteristics of DLC coating

Characteristics of DLC coating
Property ta-C CN
Hardness HV 4,500-6,000 HV 2,000-3,000
Friction coefficient 0.1-0.3
Thickness 1.0μm<
Resistivity 1-5×106Ω/cm 1.4×10^3Ω/cm
(without ground layer)
Heat resistant temp. <500℃
Color Dark gray

System Specifications

Size W 6,260mm
D 2,620mm
H 2,650mm
Weight Approx. 5,200kg
Coating area ⌀600 × H 600mm
Temp. <150℃
DLC coating system

DLC coating system

System Sales & Coating Service

ShinMaywa sells hydrogen free DLC coating systems. Coating service is also available using our DLC system. Please contact us in the following "Product Inquiries" if you have any questions or a request of quotation.

Application Examples

  • Cutting tools (endmills, drills, insert chips)
  • Dies (drawing dies, press, punches, injection moldings)
  • Machine parts (guide pins, sliding parts etc.)
  • Artificial heart
DLC Application Examples
DLC Application Examples Endmill


DLC Application Examples Cutter blade

Cutter blade


DLC Coating System Catalog[PDF/658KB]

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