Tower-type Parking System



Best Seller Model exceeding 1,600 units (60,000 pallets) since delivery of the first machine in 1990.
"ELEPARK", ShinMaywa's elevator-type parking facility boasting the top market share in Japan, thanks to superior quality and parking solutions


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Safety that takes precedence over anything

A number of sensors have been installed to ensure safety in parking facilities. Operation is locked when an error is detected.

High reliability in stable operation

The lifting device is equipped with a mechanism similar to that of a passenger elevator. Automatically recovers from slight misalignment using a unique control method.

Pursuing safety and ease of use

The level difference and clearance in the parking system are kept to an ultimate limit, making it

Environmentally friendly energy-saving features

A motor control system that can vary the ascent/descent speed according to the weight of the parked vehicle is installed.

Full range of variations

Optimum choices can be selected according to the building plan, such as top and middle entry, 90° and 180° turning, tandem and lateral arrangement installation.

Flexibility for applicable car types

Compatible with three types of cars, such as SEDAN, MIDDLE and SUV.

ELEPARK earthquake-resistant

The pallet storing is equipped with a position locking device. Designed with a horizontal seismic intensity of 1.0.

Preparation for flooding of pits

In the unlikely event that the pit is flooded, the elevator automatically evacuates.

Responding to luxury designs

It is possible to design beautiful spaces with a sense of luxury according to the design of the building and interior design. (Optional)

Realizing a higher service level

Reservations for exit from a sub operation panel installed in the lobby and other places are supported. The convenience and service level can be further improved. (Optional)

All user-friendly parking

The barrier-free specifications ensure safe use by the elderly and wheelchair users. (Optional)

Advanced EV charging function

Equipped with a function that allows charging while parked. It also supports EVs, which are becoming increasingly popular in the future. (Optional)

Devising ways to reduce waiting time

A random entry system that eliminates pallet replacement work and reduces waiting time. (Optional)

Noise reduction technology to ensure comfort

Mechanical noise in the living space is unpleasant. ShinMaywa proposes various low-noise specifications to ensure comfort. (Optional)