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ShinMaywa Brighten Your Future

The ShinMaywa Group statement "Brighten Your Future" expresses our resolve to contribute to a better tomorrow and our desire to play an indispensable role in society.
Guided by the spirit of our group philosophy - responsiveness, creativity and love of a challenge - we are committed to making the world a more comfortable and convenient place.
The dynamic handwritten style of the design conveys our enthusiasm, passion, energy and ability to get things done, while the accent on "Future" underlines the strength of our commitment to creating a brighter tomorrow.

Established April 2010

About the ShinMaywa Logo


Our logo debuted in April 1992. To incorporate the sense of "youthfulness" felt in the month of May in Japan, we adopted "May" in the spelling of "ShinMaywa." Furthermore, the word "May," derived from "Maia," the Latin name of the goddess of growth, seems appropriate. The logo is in our corporate color, "ShinMaywa Blue," an original blend representing our "class" as a first-class corporation as well as our "high quality products," "friendliness to people," and "trustworthiness" as a company. "ShinMaywa Blue," was selected from favorable blues associated with images of environment, sky and ocean, extensity, class, and technology.