History Movie

As a specialist manufacturer of transportation equipment, we leverage our core technology for "transporting technologies" to develop a broad range of business which includes "aircraft," "special purpose trucks," "parking systems," "fluid," and "industrial machinery systems."
One might ask how our business has come to be so diversified―The answer to this question can be found in our history.

This history movie shows our spirit of manufacturing that has been passed down as we pursue our mission of fulfilling the hopes and dreams of society.

Technology Tradition and Innovation

Working with Society (From The Early Years to 2010)

[Play Time: 27minutes 44seconds]
Produced in 2010. Revised in 2014.
*All videos have been recorded in accordance with the current safety standards of the company.


The point of origin of ShinMaywa can be found in Japan's first aircraft manufacturer, which was established by Seibe Kawanishi in 1918. Following that company's dissolution, Seibe established Kawanishi Machinery Company two years later in 1920. It was a few years later that he established within that company an Aircraft Department, which would later become the parent of ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

President Ryozo Kawanishi's enthusiastic ambition for aircraft and a group of talented engineers, including designer Shizuo Kikuhara, led to the production of many of aviation history's most superb aircraft.

Following the end of war, when aircraft manufacturing was banned in Japan, Shin Meiwa Industry Company Limited was established in 1949. Cherishing the sincere desire that "someday we will make aircraft again," we pinned our hopes of survival on the development of products that would eventually lay the foundation for our current mainstay businesses by tapping into our technological prowess acquired from aircraft manufacturing.

However, everything suddenly changed: while we were busy expanding our business in pace with the amazingly rapid growth of the Japanese economy, we were hit by the first oil shock.

Amid the worldwide recession triggered by the oil shock, our flying boat technology which had been steadily gained over many years, finally blossomed, resulting in the development of the STOL flying boat in 1967 and Japan's first STOL Amphibian in 1974.

For the Industrial Machinery business, which was launched after the end of war, we will improve existing models and develop new ones to promote "energy saving," "laborsaving," and "systemization," while at the same time making bold decisions to divest non-profitable businesses.

Our forerunners have ventured out and launched many businesses. Always concentrating on "contributing to society through technology," ShinMaywa Industries has offered the market what it wants.
Taking advantage of the special opportunity presented by our 60th anniversary in November 2009, we decided to make a brand new start by establishing our "Group Philosophy" in January 2010.