Product Information

Model TR500 Terminating Machine

With industry-leading processing capability and less space requirement, the ShinMaywa TR500 series machines improve productivity and reduce processing cost.

Both-ends crimping machine TR500

Both-ends crimping machine TR500

Both-ends crimping machine TRD510

Both-ends crimping machine TRD510

Both-ends crimping machine with both-ends seal insertion unit TRD510WPA

Both-ends crimping machine with both-ends seal insertion unit TRD510WPA

The TR500  series has achieved the top-class maximum processing capacity of 6,000 pieces/hour as the single-wire crimping system that can use any genuine applicator of respective companies (compared to our company's products).
This machine is provided with a newly developed system consisting of "S axis and Y axis" mechanism in the feed unit.
The latest controllers and servo motors have achieved high-speed and high accuracy crimping, which has significantly increased the processing capacity.
The newly belt feed designed mechanism unit allows delicate wires to be fed at high-speed.
In addition, the feedback correction control increased the cut length accuracy and stability using an encoder.
By reducing path line wire inlets to 50% from previous equipment, the setup time has reduced significantly.
This machine achieves high-speed performance, high durability, easy maintenance and very friendly software.

The TR500  is equipped with various options using high technical capabilities.
ShinMaywa Industries proposes best suited products for the ever-developing market.

Standard Specifications

Model TR500 TRD510 TRD510WPA TRD510WPSA
Maximum Processing capability※1 Both-ends crimping 60 mm 6,000 pieces/hour
100 mm 5,000 pieces/hour
500 mm 4,800 pieces/hour 4,200 pieces/hour
1,000 mm 4,200 pieces/hour 3,750 pieces/hour
Seal insertion both-ends crimping 100 mm 3,000 pieces/hour
500 mm 2,700 pieces/hour
1,000 mm 2,500 pieces/hour
Cutting length min. - max. 30 — 20,000 mm※2 50 — 20,000 mm
Stripping length min. - max. 1 — 10mm 1 — 16 mm
Crimping Press capability 19.6 kN (2.0 t) 19.6 kN (2.0 t) Digital crimper
Applicable terminal Continuous open barrel, Side/end feed
Seal Applicable seal Outside diameter ⌀8 mm × length 12 mm or less, circular rubber seal※3
Seal unit 3-module both-ends seal insertion 3-module single-end seal insertion
Equipment Safety cover Openable cover Partial openable safety cover
Wire chopper Extra Standard
Terminal crimping monitor Extra Standard
Sensor Crimping Standard (photoelectric) Standard (Terminal crimping monitor)
Stripping Standard
Terminal presence Standard
Wire presence/Joint Standard
Wire Tension overload Standard
Wire slipping Standard
Operation Input Touch panel Mouse & keyboard
Language English/Chinese/Japanese English/Spanish/Chinese/Thai/Japanese
Operator permission setting 2 levels 3 levels
Wire feeding Practical typical speed of belt-feeding mechanism: 6 m/s, Max. speed: 10 m/s
Driving motor AC servo motor for all axes
Primary power source Three-phase 200 VAC ±10% (50/60 Hz)
Max. power consumption Approx. 0.4 kWh Approx. 0.42 kWh
Air supply 0.5 MPa
150 ℓ/min (ANR)
0.5 MPa
170 ℓ/min (ANR)
0.5 MPa
160 ℓ/min (ANR)
Weight Approx. 600 kg Approx. 690 kg Approx. 710 kg Approx. 700 kg
  •   Capability might change depending on the processing conditions and processing data.
  •   A clamp for short wire may be required for both-ends crimping for 50mm (or less) wire.
  •   For wire-seal combinations, please cosult with us in advance.

Wire size application table

Wire size application table
  • The mm2/AWG conversion of the wire size is for reference only.
  • Some wires are difficult to process.
  • Please contact us when special wires need to be processed.
  • TRD510, TRD510WPA and TRD510WPSA do not support processing of AWG16 wires.

Outside Dimensions

Outside Dimensions TR500


Outside Dimensions TRD510