Model TR401 Terminating Machine


(Both seal insertion both-ends crimping machine (Machine mounted with both-ends 3-module seal unit) / Single seal insertion both-ends crimping machine (Machine mounted with single-end 3-module seal unit))

Both seal insertion both-ends crimping machine TRD401WPA/Single seal insertion both-ends crimping machine TRD401WPSA
  • The machine in the photo is fitted with optional equipment.

1. New seal insertion unit with a vertical select mechanism

  • The new seal insertion unit uses a unique new vertical mechanism with different seals.
  • This keep the 3-module unit compact in size. The total machine size stays the same even though both seal units are mounted.
  • Seals are selected automatically according to the settings of processing data.

2. The seal cassette and independent parts feeder systems facilitate changeover.

  • The seal cassettes are easy to attach and remove. Each parts feeder has individually mounted to make easy expansion and change to another machine.
  • Each parts feeder is mounted on a roller base to save space and allow easy relocation.

3. Higher performance of seal insertion productivity

  • Servo motors are used for both seal handling and wire guide drives. This improves the seal and wire centering accuracy, reduces seal insertion defects and wire buckling.
New seal insertion unit

New seal insertion unit