Model TR201C Terminating Machine

Feature of series

The Highest Processing Capacity in series 4,500pcs. per hour

With the matching of high precision unit and high speed control, the processing capacity up to 4500 units/hour even in extra-fine wires is realized.

Unique technology that enables processing extra-fine wires

High-precision driving system

High-precision linear guide and ball screws are equipped with the positioning XY table unit and the cutter unit are equipped with high-precision linear guide and ball screws. Furthermore, the latest servomotor has been adopted for all the motor drive shafts. With the unique control technology, stripping process and terminal crimping of extra-fine wires are realized in high quality.

High-precision driving system

Vertical sinking crimp method

Vertical sinking method is adopted in both front and rear sides, which has improved stability of the terminal crimping position.

Vertical subduction crimping method

Digitally adjusted timing control for sinking crimp

Totally new independent movement sinking mechanism and digital timing control method, which are different from the conventional mechanical method of transmitting movement from the crimper, have been developed and mounted. Sinking timing of a wire for crimping operation of the crimper can be adjusted. It is effective in preventing defective crimping by missing conductors of extra-fine cables.

Noncontact type photoelectronic sensor

Noncontact method with photoelectronic sensor has been adopted in various places. Since wires are not bent or terminals are not deformed, processing error will be prevented and crimping quality will improve.

Stable strip detection is available even in highest operation speed due to noncontact method with fast response photoelectronic sensor. Also, wires will not be bent.

Strip sensor

Noncontact photoelectronic method has been adopted for the cable slack amount sensor, which detects the wire supply amount from the prefeeder. Wires will keep their straightness.

Slack detector

Noncontact method has been adopted for the terminal existence sensor so that ultra small terminals will not be deformed.

Terminal existence sensor


Swing type color touch panel

With the arm that freely swings in all directions, it can smoothly accommodate to movement of the operator. The language for the operation panel can be selected from Japanese, Chinese, English, and Korean.

Swing type color touch panel

Terminal reel neatly stored inside the main body

As with the upper reel hanger, the lower reel hanger is positioned where terminals can be supplied straight to the applicator, so terminals can be supplied to the applicator without twisting them, which prevents such trouble as deforming of terminals.
(For end feed terminals, only the upper type is set.)

Terminal reel neatly housed inside the main body