ISO 14001

Conserve Environment

Thai ShinMaywa is an enterprise which concern about environment-friendliness. We always care about global environment and also not to harm Thai greenery environment, which is why all the members are coming to grip with environmental conservation activity. In the year 2005, we acquired the ISO 14001 certification (version 2004) and now we are still acting to spiral up environment improvement.

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ISO 14001 Environment Policy

Thai ShinMaywa Co., Ltd. aim to follow ISO 14001 (version 2004) environmental management system requirements inside and outside its organization.
The organization is consisting of production process, raw materials, products, services and other activities.
As all the production activities and services of an organization can cause impacts to the environment, below policies are set to prevent those impacts:
Prevent pollution and minimize effects to the environment.
Efficient consumption of electricity and other resources.
Compliance with relevant environmental regulations, laws and other criteria to which the organization subscribes.
Review and continually improve the environmental performance.
Set and review environmental objective and target in accordance with the regulations.
Since the organization realizes the importance of environmental management system, it is its responsibility to preserve the environment and communicate to the public.
Thus, all organizational members must understand the above mentioned policies and implement accordingly, following the slogan:
"Promote and Conserve Environment with Continual Development".

Objectives and Targets

All of organization's activities, products and services can have impacts on the environment. Therefore the environmental objectives and targets are set for prevention of those impacts, as follows.

1 Reduce electricity consumption in order to conserve energy which has an influence on Greenhouse effect. 1 Increase production amount per electricity consumption by 5% within 2022.
(From 196.47 Baht/kWh to 208.26 Baht/kWh)
2 Reduce emmision of hazardous gas which affects environment. 2 Increase production amount per use of thinner for parts cleaning by 5% within 2022.
(From 27,695.29 Baht/liter to 29,357.00 Baht/liter)
3 Reduce hazardous waste from painting process in order to minimize effect on environment. 3 Increase production amount per use of paint by 5% within 2022.
(From 11,565.98 Baht/liter to 12,258.99 Baht/liter)
4 Reduce industrial waste which contains hazardous materials and reduce consumption of natural resources. 4 Increase production amount per use of rags by 10% within 2022.
(From 92,740.40 Baht/kg to 103,869.24 Baht/kg)